Fiber in Multi-Family Buildings

April 4th, 2022 FCC Bans Revenue Sharing Agreements

Did you hear about the recent FCC ruling that retroactively banned all exclusive revenue sharing
agreements and exclusive marketing agreements between ISPs and building owners?

This announcement opens the door for building owners to now deploy their own fiber internet service
within their building that had previously been held hostage by outdated exclusive agreements that did
not serve to benefit the building owner or their residents.

With these agreements no longer valid, the reasons for building owned fiber internet is pretty simple for
the residents and building owner.
Your residents want fiber for very simple reasons:

  1. Fiber provides a fast internet service
  2. Fiber provides a reliable internet service with a 99.999% uptime
  3. Fiber Provides symmetrical speeds that are needed more now than ever with people working
    from home.
  4. Unbeknownst to many people, Fiber internet can provide a lower contention ratio which is
    ultimately the reason it is most desired.

From the building owner prospective, it boils down to a couple of questions. Do you want to increase your NOI?

Do you want to better attract and retain residents? Your own deployment of fiber internet within your building allows you to do both.
With a 100 unit complex, you can see an easy annual NOI increase of nearly $65,000. With an 8% cap
rate, this increases the value of your building by more than $800,000!

Happy residents and a more profitable property, a win-win.

The folks at SCI help walk you through the entire process from surveying residents, designing and
installing the network, to ongoing 24/7 support. New and existing buildings are a great fit for fiber

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