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  • PAN (Personal Access Network) vs. Building-Wide WiFi

    There is a lot of debate over what type of network design is better if you want to provide internet access as an amenity to the residents of a multifamily building. There are many different manufacturers and systems to choose from but it ultimately boils down to two schools of thought. You either have a…

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  • Multi-Family Fiber Internet

    Upload Speeds: The often overlooked, but critical component to working at home Have you ever been on a video call where the other person can’t quite hear you well and says that your video feed keeps buffering or looks blurry? Maybe you are sharing your screen as you are presenting the Power Point you worked…

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  • Multi-Family Fiber Internet 

    Download Speeds & Contention Ratio: What Major ISPs Don’t Want You to Know  The work day is done. You just got home and started dinner. Now it is finally time to turn on your favorite show that you have been bingeing on Netflix and relax!   …But what is this? Buffering?   …What happened to HD?   You…

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IoT & The Convergence of Networks: The Benefits of Owning Your Own Infrastructure  

In the modern world, just about every device connects to the internet in some way or another. This is known as IoT or Internet of Things. Thermostats, TVs, speakers, lights, even your microwave communicates with the outside world at a near constant rate. If you own a multifamily building, you are likely dealing with different systems like Security Cameras, Access Control, HVAC, or the Leasing office, but one thing remains true, all of these systems require connectivity to the internet.  

In the past, all of these different systems would require the installation of individual network infrastructure and cabling for them to function correctly, so in most cases, your building will have upwards of 5 to 10 different networks. That means during the installation, you will pay for the materials and labor required to implement these 5 to 10 separate networks along with the recurring monthly cost of the connection required to give the systems access to the internet.  

“But wait, the local ISP just put a network throughout my building so they can provide internet to my residents. Can’t I just piggy back off of theirs?” The answer here is unfortunately no. Not because it is not possible, but because they do not want their network to be used for any other purpose than their own (unless you pay up of course).  

So, what can you do? The answer to that question is, Own Your Infrastructure. Take full control of your network and converge all these independent networks into one easy to manage system. Yes, this does require an investment on the building owner’s part, but it pays off in a number of ways. First and foremost, it is much cheaper to install one network that services all systems than it is to install an individual network for each system. Not to mention the cost savings of only having to pay for the monthly cost of a single internet connection.  From there, many doors open for you to offer internet-based amenities like smart apartments or high-speed internet access, to your residents that will allow you to increase rental rates and increase resident retention and satisfaction.  

So why not kill two birds with one stone? Cut operational costs, while increasing NOI by efficiently converging all your in-building systems onto a single network. SCI specializes in the design and installation of comprehensive networks that will service all your buildings needs, while providing you the opportunity to offer enhanced internet service to all of your residents. 

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Multi-Family Fiber Internet 

Download Speeds & Contention Ratio: What Major ISPs Don’t Want You to Know 

The work day is done. You just got home and started dinner. Now it is finally time to turn on your favorite show that you have been bingeing on Netflix and relax!  

…But what is this? Buffering?  

…What happened to HD?  

You pay for a “fast” internet connection, so why is this happening? You check your download speed right away and find that you are only getting half of what you are paying for.  

What gives??? 

For many people who have a cable modem internet connection, this is an all-too-common occurrence, but it highlights one of the Major ISP’s most closely guarded secrets. The fact of the matter is that “fast” internet connection that you pay for is far from a guarantee. So, you may think you bought a 200mb connection, but what they don’t tell you is that you re sharing that same 200mb with over 100 different houses or apartments in your immediate area. This is often why when you try to use the internet during high traffic times like in the evening when everyone is just settling in after a long day’s work, your speeds seem to deteriorate and the buffering begins.  

Yes, I know, this is frustrating. You pay for a certain speed. You should get that speed regardless of the time of day, right? So how do you fix this? If you call your ISP, they will try to sell you a faster internet connection. This has been their go-to strategy for decades so that they can squeeze more and more of your hard-earned cash into their pockets every month, and it is the reason why every one is clamoring for faster and faster speeds. But then you are just paying for a faster speed and still only getting half.   

What if I told you that the average house hold of 4 does not need more than a 100mbs connection to go about their day-to-day activities? Yes, this includes multiple people streaming TV or online gaming at the same time. The truth is that faster speeds are only a band-aid for the larger problem of Contention Ratio. Instead of 100 to 1, how much more consistently reliable would a 20 to 1 connection be?  

Dedicated Fiber connections from SCI solve this Contention Ratio Problem by significantly reducing the amount of people sharing the same connection, ensuring that you have a connection that is more than 5x more reliable and consistent than anything a major ISP will offer. Don’t let them make you pay for faster speeds that you do not need. Save money by making sure your apartment building offers Dedicated Fiber Internet!    

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Fiber in Multi-Family Buildings

April 4th, 2022 FCC Bans Revenue Sharing Agreements

Did you hear about the recent FCC ruling that retroactively banned all exclusive revenue sharing
agreements and exclusive marketing agreements between ISPs and building owners?

This announcement opens the door for building owners to now deploy their own fiber internet service
within their building that had previously been held hostage by outdated exclusive agreements that did
not serve to benefit the building owner or their residents.

With these agreements no longer valid, the reasons for building owned fiber internet is pretty simple for
the residents and building owner.
Your residents want fiber for very simple reasons:

  1. Fiber provides a fast internet service
  2. Fiber provides a reliable internet service with a 99.999% uptime
  3. Fiber Provides symmetrical speeds that are needed more now than ever with people working
    from home.
  4. Unbeknownst to many people, Fiber internet can provide a lower contention ratio which is
    ultimately the reason it is most desired.

From the building owner prospective, it boils down to a couple of questions. Do you want to increase your NOI?

Do you want to better attract and retain residents? Your own deployment of fiber internet within your building allows you to do both.
With a 100 unit complex, you can see an easy annual NOI increase of nearly $65,000. With an 8% cap
rate, this increases the value of your building by more than $800,000!

Happy residents and a more profitable property, a win-win.

The folks at SCI help walk you through the entire process from surveying residents, designing and
installing the network, to ongoing 24/7 support. New and existing buildings are a great fit for fiber

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