Multi-Family Fiber Internet

Upload Speeds: The often overlooked, but critical component to working at home

Have you ever been on a video call where the other person can’t quite hear you well and says that your video feed keeps buffering or looks blurry? Maybe you are sharing your screen as you are presenting the Power Point you worked all week on, only to have the image freeze on the second slide. What could possibly be the problem? You just upgraded your internet package for faster speeds, but you are still running into issues! In the end, you just decide to stop sharing and turn off your video. At least when its just audio, it works most of the time…

This is a scenario that plays out all too often now that workers have gone remote, and are relying on home internet connections to go about their days. Your ISP is always touting faster and faster download speeds, but what everybody is learning is that an internet connection is not a one-way street. The often overlooked, upload speed has become a critical component for the digital nomad to work from anywhere. The buck doesn’t stop at “working from home” either. If you are posting videos online, or live streaming an event, you need fast upload speeds. But if you have a cable modem connection, your upload speed can be up to 20x slower than your download speeds at only 10mbs! With speeds that slow, its no wonder you can’t get through a video meeting without your screen freezing!

One of the many benefits of securing a Dedicated Fiber Internet Connection, are the Symmetrical Speeds it can offer that cable companies simply do not. Symmetrical Speeds means that if you are currently paying for 200mbs connection, you are getting both 200mbs down and up simultaneously. So now you and the whole family can be working or learning from home at the same time without anybody having to buffer!

If you are looking for a new apartment, and you or your family are working and learning from home, be sure to ask about what internet service is available. If they do not have a Dedicated Fiber connection, tell them to call SCI Telecom, The Leader for Fiber in Multifamily in Western New York!

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