Which phone system is right for you?

SCI supplies and maintains the full spectrum of telephone systems, ranging from the legacy premise based system to the modern premise and hosted VOIP systems. Whether you’re looking for a small office solution, or a system that spans multiple locations and thousands of users, SCI has the expertise and experience to design, implement and support the system you’re looking for. The table below compares the premise and cloud phone systems.

Premise vs. Cloud Phone Systems


Premise (On Site)


Minimal capital expenditure. Monthly per line fee includes support and software updates. Must maintain sufficient internet access only. Requires large upfront capital expenditure, and installation and implementation services. Monthly cost are for telephone lines or internet service.


All support included in monthly fee. All updates become seamlessly available. Internal or outsourced IT support required at additional cost. Updates are generally not included without additional cost.


Allows company to scale up or down as needed with minimal investment. Ideal for fast growing companies. Offers availability for a limited number of lines. Large growth will require additional capital expenditures in new/expanded phone system.


Allows team members to easily collaborate regardless of where they’re located, and as intimately as if they were in the same building. More difficult to collaborate with team members over long distances.


The system is in the cloud, untouchable by disasters, power outages, or office relocations. Location dependency and lack of redundancy increases downtime.


Owned and maintained by the cloud provider. Owned and maintained by the company; it is a company asset.

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